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A little about Nadar

After having my first baby, I was amazed by the energy of birth!  I was more amazed at how many changes a baby brings to a woman's life.  15 months later, I had my second baby and was even more astonished at how much more comfortable I felt birthing.  It was also unsettling how even with two beings always with me, I felt missing pieces within myself.   I needed more nourishment, support, and understanding. 

Both of my babies were born in the comforts of our home, on the same bed.  I feel very confident that all women have an incredible strength and power to birth their babies just as they should!  Just as they can birth their babies they also give birth to themselves as Mothers.  I realized a sisterhood is greatly needed during this time 

It is my hopes to help all women feel empowered and supported during their birth and postpartum journies.  


Below is a collage of  my two Birth Journeys!  

As a Birth Doula I think it is very important to help women realize how extremely powerful and capable they are to naturally give birth to their babies.  A big part of this is mind and body preperation before labor actually begins!  I work with Mama before the birth in order to address anything that may hold her back from complete surrender to birth.   One of my favorite birth affirmations is " I surrender my birthing over to my baby and my body." As women our bodies know exactly how to give birth to our babies, and we have to trust and have faith in the process!  With the intensity of labor it can be difficult to do this on your own.  Having a labor coach and support will help you surrender to the process and allow it to flow as it naturally should to bring you your Baby as safely and quickly as possible.  
(Click on the affirmation to read more birthing affirmations!) 
As a postpartum doula I believe that all women should feel supported and balanced during this transition of beocming a new mother.  The changes and process of becoming a mother are far too overlooked and underapprecaited.  I hope to help women feel honored, nourished, and supported during their postpartum cycle.  


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