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Prenatal and Birth Services Offered

Birth Doula Services Include: 

2-4 Prenatal Home Visits

Before you go into labor it is important for us to connect and prepare for the birth.  These visits will include:  In depth disucssions of birth and your feelings about it, mental and physical preperations for birth, overview of medical and birthing history , birth plan preparations, practice of labor positions and breathing techniques, discussion and practice of coping techniques, and clarification of both my role and others in attendance at the birth.  We can also do Tibetan singing bowls, belly henna and casting, blessing ways, and much more!


The Birth

From the moment you ask me to come to the birth until at least one to two hours after the baby is born, I will be with you.  During this time I will offer you all the mental, physical, and educational support I possibly can to help you through your transformation of birthing!  With me I carry my doula bag, which includes: massage ball, arometharapy, birthing ball, flameless candles, and more.  I will also guide others in the room to help you during this time.  I can also serve as advocate or help with communication between staff and client.  


2 Postpartum Home Visits

Once the baby is here a lot of things may come up, for which I offer an extensive list of local resources to aid in your journey.   We will talk about your Birth and I will share with you the Birth story as I witnessed.  I will bring with me a meal for your family and  a cd of any photographs I may have taken.   I will offer  basic breastfeeding help and a herbal tea to help you answer any questions and feel rested and assured.  If you had your placenta encapsualted by me I will also deliver these  gifts for you. 




Belly Art Ceremonies

Belly Casts

You will always have your Baby, but not your Belly!  What better way to cherish your belly than with a plaster cast of it?!  I can do the plaster for you, and you paint it.  I can do the whole thing for you, or we can do it together.  The cast to the right is what I finished myself, and the parents wanted to later add their own touch: rhinestones and grafitti baby's name.  


Belly Henna/Painting

Drawing on your belly is such a beautiful way to celebrate the piece of art living inside of you!  It is also believed to help protect the Mother and Baby during this Transformation and birth.  

Transformative Ceremonies 


Standard Birth Doula Care  ~ $600.00    SPECIAL:  for mothers with due dates in Sept. - Oct. $500

  • 2-4  Prenatal Home Visits 

  • 24/7 Phone/Email support 2 weeks prior to due date

  • Entire Birth 

  • At least 1-2 hours of service after the Birth

  • One-Two postpartum Home Visits




Belly Casting ~ $ 100

Belly Painting or Henna ~  $20


Blessing Way- $50 to help plan (with materials)  $100 to facilitate 




Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about these services.  

I strongly belive all women should have the support they deserve during labor, so all prices can be discussed.   


Blessing way

This is a ceremony given to an expectant Mother to honor her for the life she is carrying within her.  I can help plan, or hold one for you during the moon cycle your baby is suppose to  be born under. 





this isn't completely finished, the mother wanted to add rhinestones and the father wanted to graffiti the baby's name- such a neat addition to it!
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