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Postpartum Health Services Offered


Postpartum sealing ceremony

This ceremony is good to offer closure to the birthing space.   This is a ceremony to honor the work you went through to birth your baby, and heal any emotional or metaphysical wounds you may have.  Healing Tibetan bowls can also be used during this.  


Belly Binding 

By wrapping fabric around your belly you can really help replinish your body.  As your belly suddenly goes from having a baby in it, to being empty in a sense; this keeps your belly warm and helps tone it.  A breathable cloth is particularly wrapped to add an extra coating of protection and healing.  The sacral stones offered below work well with this.  


Sacral Stone Compress

Crystals carry tremendous healing energy within them - and can greatly help bring balance and health in the postpartum period.  Through a warm oil rub and wrapping sacral chakra aligning crystals you can carry these healing powers around with you.   This is very beneficial if used with a belly binding.  


Healing Meals 

One of the most important parts of the fourth trimester is to keep yourself well nourished and rested.  There are specific foods that can  greatly enhance your body's natural healing abilities. I can prepare fresh, warming meals for you and your family.  We can also work together for meal planning and preperations for frozen meals.  

Vaginal Steams 

Vaginal steams use a combination of herbs to help heal the tissue, clean the vagina, and restore your bodies essence.  They are wonderful for fertility,healing, and overall well being.  Recomended after postnatal bleeding has stopped (usually around six weeks pp), these steams are great for retoning and restoring your vagina and womb.  They are also offered for those whom are trying to conceive a baby.  



Placenta Encapsulation
The health benefits of Placenta are endless!  Rather loading up on tons of nutrients for both you and your milk, or helping prevent Postpartum Depression, placenta encapsulation is the way to go.  Your placenta will be prepared either by the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method (TCM) or the raw method, depending on what you choose.  This is either lightly steaming your placenta before dehrydating or placing it in the dehydrator right away.  
A tincture is a wonderful way to keep your placenta magic even longer!  An alcohol based tincture is provided that can be stored for 2-3 years.   It can be used during times of distress such as a teething baby or a mother very emotional or depressed, or needing of healing and rebalancing.  
A raw smoothie can be prepared directly after birth to offer immediate nutritional benefits of the placenta.  The smoothie offers an abundance of nutrients and blood back to your body immediately following birth.   
Mothers Tea
If choosing the TCM, I can use the water to create a tea.  This is a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of the placenta while you wait for your capsules.  It also helps to utilize all parts of the placenta, not wasting those benefical waters.  Herbs of your chooing can be added.  
Placenta Prints
A print of your placenta can be placed on any paper or canvas of your choosing.  This will be done before the encapsualtion process starts, and offers a nice memory of the tree of life within us all!  
Placenta Dreamcatchers
Wondeful as a keepsake for yourself or your baby!  Beautiful way to hold on to the umbilical cord for even longer. 
Placenta Salve
A salve can be used to help heal cesarian insertions.  It can also be used to heal a vairety of other ailments such as diaper rash and eczema.  It is prepared in combination with other healing oils such as coconut and shea butter.  

Placenta Services Available 

Postpartum Care 

Postpartum Sealing Ceremony-  $50

Belly Binding ~ $100, $35 for any extra visits

Sacral Stone Compresses ~ $40

Meal Planning and Preperations ~ dependant upon diet plan 

Vaginal Steams ~ $ 50 inital steam with basic herbs

           additional herbal satchels may be purchased with price based upon chosen herbs




Placenta Care

Placenta Encapsulation ~ $ 200

Placenta Tincture ~ $30

Placenta Smoothie ~ $30 

Mothers Tea ~ $10

Placenta Dreamcatchers~ $40

Placenta prints ~ $5 each and you provide the water based paper of your choosing. 

Placenta Salve ~ $30



Please contact me if you have any questions about these services. 

I strongly belive all women should have the support they deserve during labor, so all prices can be discussed.




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