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Let's Connect and Talk About Your Birth! 

I offer a free consultation to all interested!  This can be done via personal meeting, email, or telephone; whatever works best for you.


(510) 449-9398


You can use the contact form below or the contact information above: 

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"Thank you for being such a special part in Luca's birth.  You helped us tremendously with your beautiful demeanor and calm attitude.  We are truly blessed to have worked with you." Love, Danvi and Joe


"Placenta encapsualtion probably saved me from postpartum depression.  After 9 months of building such a nutrient rich organ, it was difficult to see it in a biohazard container with option to toss out. I underwent an unxpected cesarian and became quite anemic after a long labour and surgery.  I could not imagine how my recovery would have looked like without the placenta capsules and support Nadar provided.  Nadars gentle spirit is contagious and calming.  She has an incredible understanding of childbirth and the mothers journey throughout each stage.  Her own experience and nurturing habits gave me a vision of a magical and hopeful recovery.  She transformed my placenta into capsules infused with frankincense as well as a tincture, both wonderful tools my body used to heal.  Despite the harsh winter weather and holiday season, Nadar was very passionate to have me on a healthy recovery as soon as I came home from the hospital.  Both myself and my baby apprecaited her gentle presence during such an intense transition."  ~ Joscelyne 

" I never knew there was so much I could do to prepare for birth!" ~ Momo

" I cant thank you enough for working with us.  You empowered me to have the birth I always wanted.  Thank you for helping me get focused on my pregnancy and continuing to remind me to stay present."  - Sarah 

"When Nadar first came over to my house, I was instantly drawn to her calm, nurturing demeanor. She was wonderful about answering my questions and when I voiced my concerns about the birthing process. I wanted a natural birth without the aid of medication, but I wasn't sure if I was strong enough to go through with it. Nadar was supportive and questioned (in a good way!) my insecurities. She even drew some bad-ass henna on my belly! The night I started getting contractions, my husband and I contacted Nadar and she rushed over right away to the hospital. I labored for over 16 hours but Nadar was with me the whole time in the room. She helped direct my husband to massage me, took over when he needed a break, and was wonderful in suggesting different positions and props to help ease my pain. The whole time I was so grateful to have both her and my husband at my side. I remember at one point the contractions were hurting so bad but just breathing with Nadar gave me peace. I was able to have the birth I wanted and feel immense gratitude towards Nadar. Even after the birth she would check in to see how I was doing and I felt comfortable calling her with questions. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any mothers to be. Thank you Nadar for being a part of such a special time in my life! "  Danvi

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