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Pampering and Protecting 

This necklace is a combiniation of amethyst and amber (shell) beads.   Amethyst brings protection, relief of tension, physical, and emotional pain, and helps sooth and calm one. It can also help with sleeping problems.   Amber also helps with pain, espeically headaches and teething babies.  It helps to heal and rebalance you.   $30.00  


SiriusShea is my very own handmade skin care line.  During pregnancy our bodies undergo many changes.  From all of the hormones, the belly stretching, and sore musles; we have to take care of our body inside and out!  This line features Raw Shea Butter, Massage Oil, Black Soap, Hand and Face Scrubs, and a Face clay with kelp.  




Sunsational Massage Oil - Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, essential oils of: Cinnamon, YlangYlang, Orange, and Clove; 8 oz.  $20.00


Ocean Potion Face Clay- Kelp powder, Bentonite clay; 4 oz. $15.00 


Scrub Those Hands Pure- Sea salt, Shea Butter, essential oils of Chamomille; 4 oz.  $15.00 


Face Polish for Clarity- Sea salt, Shea Butter, Jajoba oil; 4 oz.  $15.00



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