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Get comfortable with meditations

Meditation can be very helpful during labor and birth. It helps you to stop thinking and just be. I have found that laying in corpse pose is very benefical when trying to meditate. Just lay flat on the floor with your arms down a bit away from your side and your toes all the way out and pointing up. If you want to sit you need to make sure you are sitting up as straight as possible, with your head held high and aligning with your spine; Lotus pose is great for this. You want to take a deep breath and then slowly exhale two times then allow yourself to just zone in to the natural rhythm of your breathing. During pregnancy you can use meditation to really connect with the baby in your belly. You can relieve stress from the regular calls of the day. You can address any fears or worries you have about the pregnancy or birth. When you are in labor it is helpful to take your mind off of the pain of labor. If someone is able to help guide you through a meditation during contractions you are likely to get through it much smoother. Before really trying to use guided meditations, just focus on really zoning in to your breath. Really feel yourself breathe, all throughout your body. Allow your mind to be on absolutely nothing. If you do find yourself thinking of something, it is okay, simply ackowledge this and bring yourself back to your breathe. It is best to try meditating at the same time every day, and slowly increase the length of time. When you first wake up you can start your day off by drinking three glasses of water, meditation, and yoga ~ this will help you throughout the day. By allowing the blood to start flowing through your body and mind first thing will greatly increase your energy and probably have a much more peaceful day. If you dont already practice meditation I suggest you start! Just set a goal for yourself to meditate for one week, once daily, for ten minutes ~ and see where that leads you! I will post another blog with specific guided meditations successful for pregnancy and birth. But just start off with really allowing yourself to just stop. To stop thinking about what you need to do all day, about who might be calling you, what you are going to eat, or what the doctor may say. Just BE. Just fall completely into your body and breathe.

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