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Essential oils for pregnancy and labor

While pregnant many common things can be addressed through essential oils such as back, leg, and feet pains, headaches, stretch marks, varicose veins, nausea, high blood pressure, sleeping problems, constipation, and swelling. You can put essential oils on a cotton ball and smell it, take a bath with a few drops in the water, inhale some, rub it on your ear, temples, or your feet, add them to lotions, spray bottles, or edible oils in your drinking water.

Ginger and lemon are good for swelling and nausea. Some essential oils are edible so these would be perfect to add to water (just be positive its edible!) Lavender and chamomile are good for sleep problems. You can spray some on your bed sheets and pillow right before going to bed. Peppermint is beneficial when you have headaches. You should mix it with a carrier oil and place it on your temple or where your head hurts. Body pains can be eased with chamomile and lavender. You can take a warm bath and add some oils to your bathwater, along with sea salts and candles! Constipation can be helped with lemon and peppermint, just add some edible oils to your water or inhale some via steam or cotton balls. Stretch marks can help be prevented with frankincense and lavender, you can add these to a nice shea butter or coconut oil base and rub it all over your body! You can also try to ease varicose veins by adding clary sage oils to a grape seed base and massaging your legs.

Using essential oils can be extremely beneficial in helping one relax, especially during labor. You can use a 2 or 3 oz. spray bottle for this simple spray: 20 drops of lavender essential oil then fill the bottle with diluted water. Use this spray when you need to change up the environment a bit: Maybe you feel hot, have gas, need to get through a contraction, need to feel a sense of security or clarity, whatever it may be: you want it! Just simply spray it at your leisure or have someone else be in charge of it. You can do this with any oil of your choice. Some hospitals even have essential oils for you to use, so be sure to ask at your prenatal visits!

Essential oils can be very helpful but also extremely harmful if you do not use them in the proper ways. You want to make sure to get as safe of an oil as you can. Shop around and compare prices for organic and pure oils.

You need to ensure that the oils you use are safe during pregnancy, as some are not. Some to avoid include cinnamon and thyme. You should always do research and ask your care provider what is safe for you.

You should always add the essential oil drops to a carrier oil such as almond, coconut, or grape seed. Putting essential oils directly on your skin can cause serious damage, so be sure to have a base.

During pregnancy you face a lot of changes and essential oils can help you through a variety of these. Just remember to research the oil for its safety during pregnancy and add it to a carrier base before applying it directly to your skin. During labor, they also can be a lifesaver as they change the senses up! Buy organic and pure essential oils and enjoy the abundance of magic they bring!

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