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Tips for a Healthy and Comfortable Pregnancy

Follow these steps for a quick start to maintaining your energy and health throughout pregnancy!

Stay Hydrated

It is so important that you drink plenty of water while you are pregnant. You can make red raspberry tea, or lemon aid and count this towards your water intake. Fruits with high water content, such as watermelon also count towards your daily intake. When you are properly hydrated your body can produce the correct amount of amniotic fluid, you feel more healthy, the increase of blood volume is easier maintained, and your skin even benefits as it allows you to stretch more (without as many marks!).

Put your feet up

Propping your feet up allows the blood and extra fluids to flow better. It helps your feet from swelling as bad, as well as prevention of varicose veins. It is most beneficial to prop your feet abo

ve your heart, but any relief you can give them will add a huge difference in your comfort during pregnancy.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is a nice way to keep light exercise in your life and stay fit. It also is beneficial to help with preventing and treating body aches. The movement and stretches help your blood flow as well as benefit muscles and ligaments. Yoga can also help you relax and connect deeper to yourself during the chaos of pregnancy. During prenatal yoga you will also help yourself in labor by practicing focused breathing and postures that allow your birth canal and hips to open up more.

Eat Wisely

Proper nutrition will keep you feeling wonderful and healthy. Pregnancy is a lot on a woman’s body and eating correctly will help you maintain energy and strength throughout. Many women are under the impression they are eating for two the whole time, and this is actually not the case. Its not until the third trimester that you really need to start eating a few hundred extra calories a day.

Honor it

There are many ups and downs to pregnancy but at the end of the nine months, it comes to an end. So enjoy it while it lasts! Many things will probably happen that later will make you laugh or smile, so you might as well enjoy it while its happening too. The more happy, content, and healthy you are; the better off your baby will be too! Pregnancy is such a beautiful pathway for a woman, embrace all of it!

Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Drinking this tea, especially in the last trimester has shown to have many benefits. It is full of needed nutrients for pregnancy and helps strength and tone the uterine muscles and pelvic floor. It helps with circulation and milk supply as well!

Take baths and pamper yourself

Especially if this is your first pregnancy you will very soon miss the moments that you can spend focusing directly on you! Your body changes a lot during pregnancy and a good way to keep feeling good is to treat your skin well. Taking a nice warm bath will help you relax, especially if you light some candles and use essential oils such as lavender in your bath water. Afterwards you can rub down with some shea butter to help prevent stretch marks.

Taking proper care of yourself during pregnancy is crucial for your own complete well being. Body, mind and spirit will appreciate the extra efforts you take during these nine months. So use each day to embrace the pregnancy, honoring whatever your body needs and calls for along the way.

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