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preparing through inspiration

Pregnancy is such an incredible time of a woman's life. Many changes occur in every aspect of our lives, and thats just the start of those baby's effects in this world. While you are pregnant it is so important to consciously "grow" your baby. There are many ways to do this: meditations, proper nutrition and hydration, exercising, praying, reading, journaling, and the list continues on. One thing I highly recomend is to simply claim, and manifest how you want it all to go. Just envision in - a healthy and stress free pregnancy, a birth of surrender and flow, a healthy and safely birthed baby, abundance in milk supply, and neverending commitment to parent with love and compassion. You can make this happen simply by believing it will, by opening your heart and pathway to such wondeful peace for you all. You can meditate on it, or literally draw what you want to live - One artist who I find to be very inspiring in all aspects of his work is Alex Grey. His work on pregnancy, birth, and family is amazing. Check out the series of work below:


All extremley powerful images! Women have such amazing capabilities, and being a Mother is the most wonderful and important job we can have. We are creating the future, raising our children how we simply choose to do. A lot of times things do not always go as planned, I know. But the Univerese has its ways, and more than likely, the more you say its going to your advantage, it is! So - make it happen! Make sure to take each day of your pregnancy as a chance to not only master yourself, but help your child do the same! While our babies are in our wombs we defiantly should talk to them, sing to them, pray with them. Manifest your reality and claim a healthy pregnancy, an easy birth, and an all around divine life. Create, read, love, grow - prepare yourself to become mother, familiarize yourself with what is happening, find inspiration, through whatever means feels good to you, and radiate with that pregnancy glow, Mama! You are shining!! And so is your baby! <3

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