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Why get a birth doula anyway?

So you have been preparing all nine months for your baby to arrive, but now it is time to give birth. What are your feelings about birth? Do you have any fears associated with the idea of giving labor? Have you had previous exceptional birthing experiences, or maybe a horrific one? Does your partner give you more stress about his/her worries of birth? Do you feel comfortable with the process of birth? For nine months you have probably thought a lot about the birth, and maybe have even created a birthing plan too. But it is so crucial to actually mentally prepare for birth! And often times, having a trained birth coach to help you is just what you need.

A birth doula is typically someone who is very confident in the process of birth, she has a lot of faith in womens ability to give birth to their children and she loves to help women feel empowered. She is experienced with the birthing setting and feels comfortable speaking with doctors, as well as honoring whatever intentions you have for your birth. She has helped mamas find comfort during one of the most difficult times in life, and she probably can help you do the same.

Before the birth you typically meet your doula at least a couple of times. At these meetings you can cover basic comfort techniques such as massage, pressure points, affirmations, meditations and visualizations, and using tools such as essential oils. You will also gain a deeper relationship and understanding of where you are coming to the birth from, any fears or worries can be addresses and hopefully eased. It may be hard to talk to your family or partner about your birthing anticipations, but a birth doula is there just for this purpose. You can open up to her about anything you may feel, and she will probably help you get a deeper understanding of these feelings, and eradicate fears. You may create a birth plan together, so that everyone has a clear understanding of what mama wants and the doula knows what to make sure happens if possible.

During the birth, the doula will arrive when you ask her to. She will be by your side the entire time, advocating for your desires, helping you see and feel your own strength, and helping ease the pressure from any other family/friends at the birth. She may offer you massages at one point, or words of encouragment at another; but everything she does will be with your comfort and desires in mind.

A birth doula can help you remember that you are an incredible vessel of life who has infinite strength and wisdom when you are feeling like you simply cannot get through one more contraction. She can remind you of all of those breathing techniques and birthing postures that you once learned but suddenly forgot. She can be the one to nicely ask someone to leave the room when you are feeling a bit annoyed by their precense, or to call someone to come that you may want there. She also can help you assess the situations if anything unexpected happens, and help you come up, and communicate a new route of care with any doctors.

A birth doula is a special role to help a preparing, and birthing mother safely and comfortably bring her child to her arms. She is a special support person, a sister, to the mother, to whom she can safely come to and express and release her fears and worries. A sister who can be there to help celebrate and feel the power within the mother, and all women. A doula is someone who can understand where you are coming from, help you overcome anything you may want/need to, and get through the birth process with as much comfort as possible.

Hiring a doula has proven to reduce the length of labor and decrease outside interventions. It has proven to be helpful to all involved in the birth, including the baby who typically has a stressless birth and latches on for feeding quicker.

A birth doula is someone who belives in your ability to give birth to your child. Someone who will be by your side whenever you need her, and who will do anything to help bring you comfort. She is someone who is hired that can help the entire labor go by much easier for everyone involved, and most importantly can help you remember you can, and will, get through birth and have your baby in your arms!

So when you are preparing for your birth, think about it; who will be there just for me? Who feels comfortable with the birthing process, knows different comfort techniques, knows about different interventions and how to communicate with doctors, will be there for anything I need, and do whatever it takes to help me get through each breathe? Because a partner is good for these things, but may not be as comfortable or knowledgable about birth in general. A partner also has their own personality/fears/anticipations to bring to the table, whereas a doula puts theirs aside and has you in focus. A partner may also simply get tired. Birth is completelty unexpected where anything can happen, and everyone needs rest and a time out. A doula is there for those times too.

Overall a birth doula is a sister that knows what the mother is going through, and some pretty beneficial ways to help her gain as much comfort as possible. A doula is someone who will be by the mothers side, the entire time until she meets her baby. Hiring a doula is something every mother should consider as the benefits are endless and so appreciated.

If you have any questions about the process of a birth doula, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am open to conversations of all sorts and love anything birth related.


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