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Finding an Outlet

Lately I've been trying to speak to Mother's about how they handle being a mom. There are all types of ways to parenting, but you will be surprised how similar we all are having it. I didnt realize how many other Mother's had to walk/stroll/bike their kid to sleep for naps. Knowing I wasn't the only one subjected to such craziness made me feel much better! I suggest you really gain some Mommy friends, and really help one another out. While speaking to my neighbor about handling our anger and patience with our children, she asked me "whats your outlet". I had to think about it for a while, and realized I did not have a proper way to release some steam. And this can be so important while being a Mother, because you dont want to be taking things out on your kids, and that's too easy to do when they are the ones with you all day. So find an outlet - running, dancing, exercising, screaming, hiking, whatever it may be - and use it! It only takes one second for you to say something out of your usual character, out of frustration, that you can deeply regret saying to your child. While it is great for our children to see us going through different emotions, they can easily get hurt if they see us too angry or mad. How we handle our situations and feelings is the biggest example for how our children are likely to do the same, so set the example early!

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